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Heating Installation & Replacement

Having a home heating system that works well throughout the cold weather is key to staying comfortable and having peace of mind. If you’re worried about a home that’s always chilly due to an old or broken heater, Sobieski can install a newer, more efficient model to replace what you previously had.

Furnace Replacement & Heating Upgrades

If your heating system just doesn’t seem to be keeping you as warm as it used to, you might just need a simple tune up or repair to bring it back in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. Sobieski offers a range of professional services to get your system operating at peak performance. However, if your system is over 10 years old or would require extremely costly repairs, it is more beneficial to replace it and install a new unit.

If your utility bills keep going up or your system just doesn’t seem to be able to keep you warm on some of the coldest days, it may simply be at the end of its lifecycle and unable to operate efficiently anymore.

As a National Comfort Institute certified contractor, Sobieski can measure the AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, of your existing system. We will also test all the HVAC system equipment to determine the extent and root causes of your heating problems. Since your heating unit is only one piece of the puzzle responsible for keeping you warm, we’ll also analyze your home’s ductwork and its layout and construction.

If any one part of your system isn’t in top shape, it can affect your comfort and can cost you a lot of unnecessary expense. After our analysis, we will recommend the best solution for you. When problems with ducts have been addressed or the right furnace is installed, you will immediately notice a difference in your comfort and your energy bills. At Sobieski, we look at the whole picture to ensure that you receive the best possible comfort system.

New High-Efficiency Home Heating in DE, MD & PA

Gas, oil, boilers, forced air, radiant heat — there are a lot of options for how to keep your home warm. All of these options have their benefits and downsides. Sobieski makes it easy to determine the right solution for your home.

We take into consideration your needs, the size and design of your home and your budget. Our experienced, friendly specialists will be able to install the heating system that best suits your home. With help from our heating experts, you’ll be living in a warm, comfortable home that offers you a sense of security during the winter months.

Ready to have a warm, cozy home that offers you peace of mind about the cold weather? Take our HVAC Replacement Survey to see if it’s time to upgrade your unit, or contact us to schedule an appointment. Also, be sure to check out our “Are Your Ready For Winter?” guide linked below.

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