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  • U.S. medical facilities spend $8.8 billion on energy each year, and the average hospital uses three times the energy of a typical commercial building


  • Healthcare systems spend more than $10 billion on energy annually; that’s enough to cover the average salary of more than 100,000 registered nurses

http://www.energy.gov/articles/energy-department-s-hospital-energy-alliance-helps-partner-save-energy-and- money

  • 74.4% of the energy consumed in healthcare facilities is generated from HVAC, hot water, and lighting systems


  • Overall cost reduction and efficiency is one of the top two financial priorities among (healthcare) CEOs


  • Effective maintenance can reduce HVAC energy costs by 5 – 40%

http://www.institutebe.com/Building-Performance-Management/Studies-Show-HVAC-System-Maintenance- Saves-Energy.aspx

  • For every $1 spent on energy efficient upgrades, healthcare facilities save an average of $20 – $50

https://www.idahopower.com/pdfs/EnergyEfficiency/BusinessTips/energyEfficiencyTips_Health_Care_Facilitie s_2010.pdf