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construction servicesDuring construction, Sobieski New Homes has a variety of methods to ensure your project is completed in a timely and efficient manner, including:

Network of Field Supervisors

Each with a minimum of 20 years experience, our supervisors are constantly monitoring the production schedule and the quality of installations. Equipped with Blackberries, our supervisors are able to report not only back to our office staff, but also directly with the supervisors of the contractor on the job site, ensuring weekly production schedules are on task and up-to-date.

Strong Back Office Support

Our back office support team takes care of document control, accounting, budgeting, scheduling, and contracting, allowing the field supervisors to focus on the daily operations of the job site.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

With our onsite sheet metal fabrication shop, we can provide custom sheet metal fabrication specifically designed to fit in the space in which it is required. This ensures timely fabrication and delivery to the job site, efficient installation, and the ability to maintain the contractors' schedules.

Quality Assurance

Our strong quality assurance program ensures your buyers receive the highest quality product. Before turning it back over to the contractor, we carefully and thoroughly walk through every home, checking to make sure all components of our HVAC, plumbing, sewer/water, and sprinkler systems are not only installed properly, but that the correct materials, based upon the homeowners selections, have been installed. In addition to our pre-settlement quality walk, quality inspections are also performed prior to close-in by our superintendents using a 20+ point inspection form.

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  • As a Commercial Property Manager I have seen my share of contractors. I have used Sobieski for all of our HVAC, plumbing and life safety needs. The office staff and field personnel are kind, professional and prompt. I feel like I am the only customer.

  • I've worked with Sobieski for many years. They have always stood out to me as a company who you can count on for quality workmanship, meeting demanding construction schedules, and taking care of the homeowner after settlement.

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