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Your home’s boiler is supposed to keep you and your family warm when the temperatures outside here in the Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania area drop. But what happens when your boiler breaks down and the heat goes out? The HVAC and plumbing professionals at Sobieski are here to help!

How a Boiler Works

Whether your boiler uses gas or oil, it always uses controlled fuel combustion to heat water. This hot water is then pumped through pipes and delivered to heating components throughout your home, which may include hot water coils in air handling units, service hot water heating equipment, or radiators, to heat your living space.

Key elements of a boiler that need to be well maintained in order to ensure proper functioning include the:

Maintaining Your Home’s Boiler

Without heat during the cold weather, your entire family’s comfort and health is at risk. The simplest way to get peace of mind and avoid unexpected heating failures is with seasonal boiler maintenance.

Like any piece of equipment, your boiler needs to be serviced by a professional regularly to ensure it works effectively. Benefits of seasonal boiler maintenance from Sobieski include:

Boiler Repair

Without diligent maintenance, you could wake up one day and experience the discomfort a broken boiler can cause. If that’s ever the case, give us a call anytime, and we’ll be able to repair your system so that your family can get back to enjoying a cozy, comfortable home as quickly as possible.

Boiler Replacement & Installation

Just like a smartphone or a car, your home’s boiler won’t last forever. Although maintenance will help to extend its lifespan, if your boiler is over ten years old, it likely needs to be replaced. There are many new, energy efficient models available to choose from.

At Sobieski, you can count on the installation being done right. Our installers are trained with all kinds of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing equipment. We will remove your existing boiler and expertly get the new one up and running. You’ll be enjoying the warmth, reliability, and energy efficiency a replacement boiler can offer in no time!

Your Boiler Specialists in DE, MD & PA

A lot of companies out there claim to know how to service and replace boilers, but only a few actually do. At Sobieski, with over 30 years of expertise in heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, our team can help maintain, repair, or replace your boiler with no problems. We put your satisfaction first and care about your home’s comfort and safety while offering you peace of mind.

Don’t let boiler issues leave you cold and uncomfortable. Call (866) 909-1813 or contact us to schedule your boiler repair, maintenance, or replacement today!

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