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Insurance Specials

Insurance Specials

Your air conditioner creates 15-25 gallons of water per day by removing humidity out of the air. Unfortunately, the drain systems often clog with organic material, growth, dust, etc. Homeowners are then left with a HUGE mess, damaged walls/floors/ ceilings, potential mold growth, and big out of pocket expenses. These products are designed to offer you some insurance against this nightmare.

Sits in the pan and provides annual protection from biological growth in the drain pan and trap. Prevents organic clogs, musty odor from mildew and other growth, and damage to electrical components from water overflow.
Regular Price: $98
Onsite Offer: $45

Provides year round protection for any system that utilizes a containment pan. Whether condensate from a high efficiency furnace or an air conditioner, this product has the ability to shut down the system electrically when water is detected.
Regular Price: $209
Onsite Offer: $140

This product connects directly to the evaporator coil, and contains a float switch. It offers two levels of protection, a clear tube as a trap for visual inspection, and a float switch that will shut the system down
Regular Price: $330
Onsite Offer: $214
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