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HVAC Services


HVAC Services


With our years of experience and top-quality training, Sobieski is ready to help your property become the clean, comfortable and safe environment you’ve always wanted. Paying close attention to indoor air quality, humidification levels, temperature, and energy efficiency, Sobieski is happy to help your building, facility, or business space with our broad range of HVAC services.

Heating & Cooling


Sobieski Services is a Linc Service® Contractor, which means we follow the principles of the Linc System to provide preventive HVAC service and energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. The Linc System has been a proven method for success in our business and it clearly separates us from the competition. We are also part of the international Linc Service® Network, which is comprised of more than 160 mechanical contractors. All of us are connected by our desire to provide the best possible service our industry has to offer.

Increase Indoor Comfort
An air conditioner or heating unit that hasn’t been properly checked won’t do a great job of keeping you comfortable. Sobieski will ensure your commercial HVAC system is optimized to help it achieve ideal performance for ultimate comfort.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs
An unmaintained HVAC unit can easily generate high energy bills. Sobieski will check your units to make sure you’re not paying more than absolutely necessary for cooling or heating your property.

Avoid HVAC Breakdowns
Through the installment process, as well as routine maintenance, Sobieski helps to ensure your furnaces or air conditioning systems are properly maintained. We also increase system durability which extends the life of the units – this will help you to avoid unexpected breakdowns which can result in inconvenient and potentially costly last-minute repairs. Additionally, annual maintenance is required to maintain manufacturer warranties on your systems.

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Indoor Air Quality


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UV – Ultraviolet light, combined with a variety of technological solutions, can make a significant impact on the air quality inside your entire building. By inactivating harmful microorganisms, UV rays can limit the spread of airborne pathogens. The use of UV light in Upper Room UV-C and in Fixed Air Handling Units can be seen in hospitals, schools, government or office-work buildings throughout the world.
Ionization – Bipolar Ionization relies on electrically charged oxygen ions to inactivate pathogens – when injected into indoor forced air via the HVAC system, ions group fine particles into larger clusters, enabling them to be caught by filters and removed from the air. These clusters also inactivate harmful microorganisms, and are effective against both airborne contaminants and unpleasant odors… in short, ionization offers cleaner, fresher air!
Filtration – MERV 13 and HEPA Filters are designed to remove many types of particulates, and are known to be more effective than the average MERV 6 or 8 filters commonly seen in commercial systems. Sobieski is excited to offer top-quality filtration – in concert with your other IAQ systems, as mentioned above, we can ensure your air is exceptionally healthy and clean!


Sobieski Preventative Maintenace Plans


GLP – Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Plan

  • Test and Inspection Labor
  • Preventative Maintenance Labor
  • Repair & Replace Labor
  • Emergency Service
  • Components & Parts
  • System Replacement

GPM – Guaranteed Preventative Maintenance Plan

  • Test and Inspection Labor
  • Preventative Maintenance Labor
  • Repair & Replace Labor
  • Emergency Service
  • Components & Parts

CPM – Customized Preventative Maintenance

  • Test and Inspection Labor
  • Preventative Maintenance Labor
  • Repair & Replace Labor
  • Emergency Service

CPM II – Customized Preventative Maintenance Plan Two

  • Test and Inspection Labor
  • Preventative Maintenance Labor


CPM III – Customized Preventative Maintenance Plan Three

least coverage

  • Test and Inspection Labor
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We look forward to helping you choose the right plan for your business – with knowledge about your system, the technology in use, and a suggestion of maintenance schedule, our team will ensure you always have the care your building needs!




“Communicated all necessary info. Techs and sales team have been great to work with”
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“I’ve had a 10-year relationship with Sobieski. I consider their team my friends.”
– Rieker Inc

“Service is great, and very prompt. Necessary repairs are always fixed that day. All questions and concerns are always answered.”
– SP Richards


“Communication is fantastic. Highest praises for Tony and Angie.”
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