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Letter from the CEO


Whether it’s a custom home project in the greater Wilmington area, on the Main Line in Pennsylvania, or at the Delaware beaches, you need a partnership with the right mechanical firm. Our current custom home builder clients began seeing the Sobieski Difference from the initial design consultation and continued to see it all the way through the process, ending with the finished build. That difference is that we understand that every detail is important and ultimately will reflect back upon the builder and it’s in our best interest to improve your reputation through the quality of our work. The systems that need to function both properly and efficiently will drive the comfort of the home and the satisfaction of the owner. Sobieski maintains the in-house proficiencies and tenured staff that will be your professional consultant, trusted advisor, and reliable team during the entire process. Based on the home’s design and the system preferences from either the builder or end client, we will assist in the process of deciding on the most efficient options.
At Sobieski, we have over three decades of expertise in designing and installing complex custom mechanical and plumbing systems. Our team of project managers, designers, and expert installers will ensure the homeowner will live comfortably in their custom home with well-designed, high- quality, and energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Along with ensuring the end result includes efficiently-designed and durable plumbing systems.
When you as a builder choose Sobieski for your custom home HVAC and plumbing installation, you will also be providing your client a partner for life. We have built our custom homes division with long term support in mind. Your clients will know that Sobieski’s service teams will be available to service and maintain their home’s complex systems for years to come.
30 years ago, J. F. Sobieski, Inc. was founded with a clear idea of what we would need for a successful future. Our company has always put a strong emphasis on high quality service and customer satisfaction. The way we conduct our business has an impact on our customers, families, Sobieski staff and management teams, subcontractors, and the community. Our goal has always been to help build lasting relationships with every client we serve, to solidify the gains we have made, to grow in new ways and to always be ready to serve our customers whenever they need us.
Our goal at Sobieski is to earn your trust while offering you and your clients the highest quality service. That’s why we focus on our three core values to make sure you can count on us:
Integrity – All members of our team have integrity in every decision they make.
Family – We treat our team like family so our employees are happy, loyal and trustworthy.
Courage – Everyone who is a part of Sobieski has the courage to make the right decision at all times. From the very beginning, customer satisfaction has been our number one priority. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and have earned industry recognition and various awards. Sobieski has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hold many designations with HomeAdvisor and other industry affiliates. We have also received a number of awards from industry leading manufactures. Sobieski has always promoted maintaining a safe job site and for that effort we have also been awarded the Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) Award and received multiple Excellence in Construction Awards by Associated Builders & Contractors.
Please take a few minutes and review the following case studies we have included in this brochure and see firsthand what our amazing team is capable of providing you and your clients.

Thank you,


Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Services Offered



  • New Construction, Replacement and Renovation Projects
  • Heating and Cooling Design – Manual J
  • Gas Piping Design – Loss Pressure Summary
  • Custom Duct Design – Manual D
  • Custom Sheet metal, Ductwork and Custom Fabrication
  • Pre Fabrication Design & Installation
  • Hydronic Heating Design and Installation
  • Snow Melt Design & Installation
  • Geothermal Heating & Cooling Design & Installation
  • Duel Fuel and High Efficiency System Design & Installation
  • Heat Pump and High Efficiency System Design & Installation
  • Boiler Replacement Design & Installation
  • New Boiler Design & Installation
  • WiFi and iOS Based Controls
  • Value Engineering. (V.E.)
  • Troubleshooting & Service


  • New Construction, Replacement and Renovation Projects
  • Domestic Water Design & Installation
  • Custom Shower Piping
  • Domestic Re-Circulation Piping
  • Cast Iron Drain/Waste/Vent Piping
  • PVC Drain/Waste/Vent Piping
  • Interior Roof Drain Piping
  • Hydronic & Radiant Piping
  • Agricultural Ground Hydrants & Waterers
  • Specialty Plumbing Fixture Installation
  • Digital Thermostatic Shower Valve Installation
  • Troubleshooting & Service




  1. Project Manager receives Drawings/Scope from Architect, Builder or Homeowner.
  2. Project Manager reviews the Drawings/Scope and develops a rough plan for the homes Heating/Cooling Systems as well as Domestic Water Piping and Sanitary Drains/Waste/Vents.
  3. The PM reach out to the Architect, Builder or Homeowner and asks any immediate questions related to the Drawings/Scope.
  4. Once the open questions are answered a date to complete the bid is set and the PM transfers all information to the Estimating Team and saves all information.
  5. The estimators now begin to write the Proposal including the scopes of work for the HVAC Systems and Plumbing Systems, including estimated costs. A rough budget is completed and equipment brand/type is selected.
  6. Once a rough budget is completed associated with a rough scope of work, all involved parties review the scope (PM, Div. Manager, Estimator) to ensure all needed provisions are included. A Final Scope and Cost is set.
  7. The estimator completes the Proposal with all Final information and sends to the PM for the final review.
  8. Once the PM receives the Proposal with all final information from the Estimator, the PM reviews and makes any needed corrections, saves, and sends out to the Architect, Builder or Homeowner.


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