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Stay comfortable with an HVAC zoning system.

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Too hot in the kitchen? Cool it off! Too cold in the bedroom? Turn up the heat! And do it all at the same time! With a residential zoning system you can control the individual temperature of each room or zone in your house. Fill out the form to schedule zoning system estimate, and you'll receive:

$150 Off A Honeywell Zoning System!*

A zoning system is highly recommended if you:

  • Have young children
  • Spend most of your day at home
  • Have sleepless nights because your upstairs rooms are too warm
  • Avoid your downstairs rooms because they're too cold
  • Close vents in one room in attempt to redirect airflow

"The Sobieski Services representative kept me informed of all procedures and took the time to explain each step as well as providing recommendations. They were very knowledgeable and professional. The service was five-star!"   -Robert

What to expect your on zoning system estimate appointment:

  • Receive a confirmation call the day prior to your appointment, as well as a confirmation email at the time of booking your appointment.
  • A Sobieski Services Comfort Advisor arrives at your home at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Your appointment will take about 60-90 minutes during which they will discuss your needs and questions when it comes to your home comfort and address any concerns you may have.
  • Based on your budget, the Comfort Advisor will determine the best system for your lifestyle and your home.
  • We can guarantee higher efficiency, better comfort, improved indoor air quality, and the highest level of safety and respect for your home from our professional technicians.

*Cannot be combined with any other offers. Residential customers only.