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Greenville Crossing

In early 2012, EBD Management, Inc. with the support of Sobieski Life Safety identified that the dry sprinkler systems located at Greenville Crossing contained Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). MIC is caused by bacteria microbes that when present along with other environmental conditions (metal, water, and oxygen) deteriorate the walls of steel pipe.

The first phase of the project involved the dry sprinkler systems at Two Greenville Crossing. It was identified that the entire existing dry system located in the parking garage needed to be removed and replaced with a new like and kind system. The garage consisted of 254 dry sprinkler heads. EBD Management produced an aggressive four week schedule in order to minimize parking hassles to the tenants and customers of the shopping center.

The second phase of the project involved the installation of a nitrogen generating system at One Greenville Crossing. The nitrogen generating system is a pre-engineered system that is designed for use in fire sprinkler systems to slow MIC. By forcing oxygen out of the sprinkler system piping, the ability for MIC to grow is limited, thereby extending the life of the systems components and preventing operational impairments.

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