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Water Heater Installation Cost? What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Are you running out of hot water more quickly than in the past? Maybe the water becomes warm, but never reaches the normal hot temperature that is necessary for washing clothes or dishes. You may be considering a new hot water heater, but wondering about the water heater installation cost. Several factors need to be considered with a new installation.

Replacement water heater

Various size water heaters are available. The correct choice for your home depends on the gallon amount necessary for the size of your family. Building codes and the amount of space required for the new heater also need to be considered prior to purchasing the new unit.

Cost of installation

Water heaters require gas and electrical connections. Both of these are dangerous for an amateur to attempt. A professional will obtain the proper permits and do a safe installation avoiding gas leaks and electrical problems. Home contractors frequently are called to re-install a unit that does not meet the building code or are improperly installed. This could be an expensive repair job.

Construction issues

A replacement unit that is larger than the original may require altering the utility room design or moving appliances that are nearby to ensure safety. This all should be investigated before the beginning of the project to avoid the possibility of correcting a conflict later at additional cost.

Electrical connections

Water heaters can have varying power requirements. A new heater installation may also include upgrading electric service or installing outlets which will add to the expense of installation.

Energy efficiency

Modern tankless water heaters are very energy efficient, but take more time to install and have added installation expenses. The installation of a new water heater is not a task to undertake if you are not a trained technician. A qualified professional will ensure that the job if done safely.

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