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Top Home Health Threats That Could Be Affecting Your IAQ

It’s easy to ignore indoor air quality unless you have allergies, but contaminated air in the home affects all inhabitants. Here are some of the top home health threats and tips for what you can do about them.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is among the most serious threats. This toxic gas is released during faulty combustion processes in gas furnaces and other fuel-powered appliances. Make sure a professional contractor services your furnace annually. Keep chimneys and flues in good working order, and install carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home.


Mold can cause health problems that range from mild respiratory ailments to serious allergic reactions. High humidity levels in the home and leaks are both common reasons mold growth occurs. Take care of all water leaks promptly and consider dehumidification with a portable or whole-house dehumidifier.

Chemical Off-Gassing

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) are found in many plastics, paints, furniture and household cleaners throughout the home. These items off-gas, which means toxic gases from their materials are released into the air you breathe. Avoid storing chemicals indoors and use green, non-toxic cleaners. Good ventilation also helps to remove some of these toxins from your indoor air.

Biological Pollutants

Rodent and insect droppings, viruses and bacteria are also among the home health threats that can be lurking around your home. Keep your home clean and pest-free to reduce the chances of breathing in these harmful agents. This also means reducing dust in the home, as dust is largely comprised of biological components such as insect parts, dander and mites.

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