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Stop Winter Dryness & Improve Health with a Whole-Home Humidifier


With winter making a late comeback, you’re spending as much time as possible indoors. But is your home causing problems with the health for you and your loved ones because it’s so dry?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends homes maintain relative humidity in the range of 35-50%. Unfortunately, most homes in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey severely lack that essential moisture in the winter, since cold air doesn’t contain much water vapor. In addition to already lacking moisture, forced air heating systems have a dehumidifying effect which further dries out your home.

How Whole-House Humidifiers Work

A whole-house humidifier is installed in the air path inside your HVAC ducts. Since all the air in your home moves through the ducts several times each day, the whole household air volume is treated. To maintain ideal humidity levels (between 35-50%), a humidistat is installed in your living area to continuously monitor interior relative humidity.

When humidity drops, a water inlet valve at the humidifier opens, saturating an evaporation pad with water or initiating a flow of water across a thin, perforated panel. This water evaporates into the air that’s moving through the ductwork and is dispersed throughout your home. When the relative humidity meets the humidistat setting, the water inlet valve closes, stopping the addition of moisture into the air.

Since a whole-house humidifier is permanently plumbed to your household’s water supply line, no daily maintenance such as filling and draining is required. Often, your whole-home humidifier will only require one maintenance appointment each year.

Whole-House Humidification Benefits

Maintaining optimal indoor humidity provides benefits such as improved comfort, healthy indoor air quality and protected home structures.

  • Comfort with Ideal Home Humidity
  • As air is warmed by your heating system, it expands, removing moisture. This leads to dry skin, itchy eyes and an aggravated throat and nasal passages. Dry indoor conditions can make it feel colder since heat and moisture are removed from the skin more quickly. With a whole-home humidifier, injecting more moisture into your home’s air removes irritation from dryness and helps you feel warmer.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality & Health
  • Dry air provides a sustainable environment for the flu virus and other illnesses. With dry nasal passages and a sore throat, you are more susceptible to infection. Alleviating dryness will allow you to fight off airborne illnesses and maintain your health over the winter.

  • Protected Home Structure & Possessions
  • Wooden furniture, fixtures and structures can dry out and crack when the air is too dry. Wood flooring, frames, molding and cabinetry can also warp and split over time. Dry air can also cause static electricity, which can damage sensitive electronics. Optimal humidity levels will ensure your home is protected from unwanted damage related to dry air.

Keeping Winter Dryness At Bay with Help From Sobieski

If you’ve noticed that your home in DE, MD, PA or NJ is too dry, the professionals at Sobieski can easily install a whole-house humidifier to improve comfort, health and indoor air quality, while protecting your home’s structure.

Get your home feeling comfortable and keep your family healthy this winter. Contact us to schedule a humidification consultation for your home today!


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