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Learn the Different Types of Furnaces Available to You — Single, 2-Stage or Variable

Purchasing a new furnace? You should be aware of the options that are available. There are three different types of furnaces on the market today. Each has a different method of operation. There are several factors to consider when deciding which type of furnace will work best in your home. The type of exiting ductwork, amount of insulation, heating requirements, and budget are all part of the equation.

Types of Furnaces Available Today

  • Single stage furnace – Also known as a single speed furnace, maximum output is the only option. This furnace is either on or off, dispersing the most possible heat at all times. Energy efficiency may suffer with this approach. An inconsistent comfort level is another downfall with single stage operation.
  • Two stage furnace – A second lower speed is employed enabling this furnace to operate more energy efficiently. There is a significant amount of time when a lower speed setting can supply plenty of heat to keep your home comfortable. When temperatures are very cold, a higher speed activates to ensure enough heat is circulated and your home stays at an acceptable comfort level. This also provides for quieter operation.
  • Variable speed furnace – A variable speed fan motor is employed with this system to deliver better airflow and a consistent heat level. Increased airflow through the filter improves air quality. When the furnace is not in heat mode, the fan can still circulate air through the ductwork.

This minimizes energy consumption by maintaining your heat setting for a longer time before the furnace needs to activate again. A professional contractor can explain the different types of furnaces and use a formula which calculates the amount of windows, doors and other factors in your home to ensure you install the correct size furnace. The largest furnace available is not necessarily a match for your home.

At Sobieski Services, Inc., our goal is to help our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey learn more about energy and home comfort issues – especially HVAC and plumbing issues – so that they can save money and live in healthier, more comfortable homes.

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