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common causes of drain and sewer clogs

Drain and sewer clogs are frustrating to deal with in addition to being a little gross. If you have a clog, your first inclination might be to put it off because its nasty business. But it is important you fix the clog as soon as possible in order to avoid other issues such as odors, leaks and... Read More

why you shouldn't wear shoes inside

Growing up, some of you might not have been allowed to wear shoes inside the home. While it might have seemed like an inconvenience at the time, you have probably grown to understand the benefits of it. However, if you still aren't sure why you shouldn't wear shoes inside, that's understandable... Read More

how to prevent dirty air ducts

Air ducts are an important component of your HVAC system. All the indoor air you’re exposed to is transferred throughout your house through these air ducts. That is why it’s important to ensure they are clean and free of debris, dust, dander, pests and mold. These allergens and toxins can... Read More

3 Benefits of Water Filtration Systems - Sobieski Services

Do you know what's in your water? Depending on the contaminants in your water supply, you might need a water softener, UV light, or reverse osmosis system. Learn the benefits of clean, healthy, and better-tasting water.

How to Start to Make Your Home Smart - Sobieski Services

A smart device is a gadget that can be controlled via an app. A smart home contains multiple smart devices that can be controlled remotely or automatically (based on your settings).

If you want to make your home smart, start with one or two smart devices that can make the most difference... Read More

7 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill - Sobieski Services

Considering the average American household spends about $2,000 every year on home energy bills, it's a good idea to take a look at our usage and implement simple solutions to reduce our consumption.

Improve Indoor Air Quality for Winter - Sobieski

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is most evident in winter when we stick indoors. Learn how to improve indoor air quality during the cold, dry winter months.

How Ice Dams Form and How to Prevent Them - Sobieski Services

Ice that gathers along the roofline can lead to harmful ice dams and costly repairs. In order to maintain the structure of your roof, eaves, gutters, and home interior, learn how to prevent ice dams from forming in the first place.

4 Energy-Saving Resolutions for the Home
From natural lighting and climate control to water and indoor air quality, if you want to be less stressed, more organized, and richer in 2020, a great place to start is your home!
Pipe Insulation Prevents Frozen Pipes and Limits Condensation - Sobieski Services

Learn how to insulate your water pipes to prevent pipes from freezing on cold days and sweating on humid days.

How to Prevent Dirty Air Ducts and HVAC Systems - Sobieski Services

The dirtier air ducts become, the greater the concern becomes that your HVAC system will become clogged. Fear not! Learn how to prevent dirty air ducts and HVAC systems.

Close up of dish washing with running water and dish gloves

When the holidays roll around, making sure your guests are comfortable is high on your list. Some of the things that can hinder a nice visit are clogged toilets, running out of hot water, and broken garbage disposals.

While some of us may be... Read More

Homeowner replacing air filter for air duct opening

If you’re concerned about the indoor air quality in your home, you may have considered getting your ductwork cleaned. Many companies advertise duct cleaning as an effective way to improve the quality of your indoor air using before and after images showing extremely dirty ducts next... Read More

Mouse popping out of drawer

Pests have a propensity to get into homes and HVAC systems. When they do, all sorts of problems can develop, such as increased energy costs, indoor air quality problems, compromised functionality, and more. They can chew through electrical wires, urinate on equipment, and get stuck... Read More

Many duct tubes

Leaky air ducts can bring unwanted contaminants into your living space, reduce heating and cooling efficiency by up to 20%, and make it harder to heat or cool rooms. Sealing your air ducts can help with all of these problems.

Here are some of the... Read More

PVC drainage piping on a concrete floor

Do you know how plumbing works? While it may seem like magic since nearly everything happens out of sight, these inner mysteries have simple and elegant explanations.

Let’s start with the main water-supply-drain-waste-vent system. The water supply... Read More

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween? This fall, make sure your home is prepared for the coming cold with these home maintenance tips.

Get started now so these essential indoor fall maintenance tasks don’t get lost in the holiday hullabaloo.

... Read More
close-up of kitchen floor with water on it

Hurricane season is in full swing along the East Coast. While most of the major hurricanes of the season — Barry, Dorian, and Humberto — missed the East Coast, we are all familiar with the devastation that strong winds and rain can cause.

homeowner cleaning their gutters, which are full of leaves

Gutter cleaning is important to keep water away from the siding, foundation, and basement. It also prevents wear and tear that can cause your gutters to fail prematurely (gutters have a lifespan of about 20 years). Standing water in the gutters can also attract mosquitoes and other... Read More

Heat Pump head mounted in a home

In order to stay cool and comfortable, we rely on our air conditioning systems. But, how exactly do they work?

In the spirit of going back to school, here’s a refresher course on the basic workings of an air conditioner.

How does air conditioning work... Read More